The Architect - Reverse Polarity 2 Infinity

The Architect - Reverse Polarity 2 Infinity
June 13th, 2018

01. U Won't Win feat. Canibus
02. Baby feat. Pacewon & Flawless The MC
03. Gotta Go feat. Flawless The MC
04. Introduce Myself feat. Canibus, K-Rino & Flawless The MC
05. Live by the Beat feat. Skarlit Rose & Flawless The MC
06. Syballiance feat. Canibus, Presto & Chopp Devize
07. The Truth feat. Flawless The MC
08. The Hip Hop Grail (OG Version) feat. Canibus, Tony Touch & Chopp Devize
09. Special Report feat. Damo
10. Metaphor Meteors feat. Canibus
11. Digital Slugs feat. C-Rayz Walz, Pilot Rai, DJ Immortal & Chopp Devize
12. Weedhead feat. Flawless The MC
13. Who U Know (Solo Version) feat. Canibus
14. Necronomicons (Architect Remix) feat. Canibus & Flawless The MC
15. Sleepwalkers feat. DZK & Chopp Devize
16. Like Me feat. Flawless The MC
17. Wolves (Architect Remix) feat. Canibus, K-Solo & Born Sun
18. Sweet Girl feat. Skarlit Rose
19. Overthrow feat. Chopp Devize, Skarlit Rose & J-Vocalz

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